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William Hill Poker bonuses and offers

williamhill poker

William Hill Poker rewards players with bonus payments throughout the year.

There are three types of bonuses that players can receive:

1. Bonus Money (Pending Bonuses)

2. Instant Bonuses (Cash Bonuses)

3. Casino Side Game Bonuses (Pre Wager Bonuses on Casino Side Games only).

4. Free Spins (rounds on Casino Slots Games only)

Please note: First deposit bonus is only issued as a Bonus Money. The £/€/$10 Casino Side Games Bonus is only valid on the Casino Games tab of the William Hill Poker software

Bonus Money Payments

  1. Bonus Money is awarded to players as part of the first deposit bonus scheme or special promotions.
  2. Bonus Money is redeemed according to the amount of WHPoints accumulated by playing real money cash games or tournaments.
  3. The Bonus money is released in real cash chunks to players as they earn WHP’s at ring games and tournaments. At ring games, WHP’s are awarded to players for each hand in which they contribute money to the pot, as long as the hand is raked. WHP’s are also awarded based on the fees paid by the player when buying-in to a tournament.
  4. The amount of cash chuck will be released to players real balance according to the number of WHP’s needed to check your bonus money cash chunk amounts and required WHP’s per chunk date please go to My Account -> Bonus money info section in the poker software .
  5. Players will continue to accumulate Points as they play, and further releases of cash chunks will be made automatically.
  6. Bonus money will always have an expiration date, to check your bonus expiry date please go to My Account -> Bonus money info section in the poker software.
  7. Active Bonus Money can be also viewed in the progress bar at the bottom middle section of the William Hill Poker lobby.
  8. If a player has more than one pending money bonus, then they will be redeemed in chronological order (the first bonus money issued will be the active one that is redeemed and so on).
  9. Club Points – the points you are awarded according to your Club Status – do not count towards Bonus Money redemption.

Also try William Hill Poker Coach

william hill
The William Hill Poker Coach is an incredible tool that helps you improve your game, whereas you play at the poker table, the William Hill Poker Coach can calculate odds and supply comments and insights regarding your hand. Currently with a pretty and easy-to-use Head-Up show (HUD), the William Hill Poker coach can assist you profile your opponents and change your taking part in vogue to take advantage of their weaknesses and trot out their strengths.Once installed, use the William Hill Poker Coach to enhance your game. It will appear to the right of the poker client and is divided into three sections:Game Commentary Section
Hand Info section
Outs section.When you play online Texas Hold’em, the William Hill Poker Coach will help you assess your opponents as play proceeds. This allows you to take their methods and styles into consideration, which in turn lets you take advantage of their weakness and combat their strengths. The Game Commentary part of the coaching tool offers helpful tips as the game progresses, as the cards are dealt, and as your opponents make their moves. Nothing boosts your chances of winning like the William Hill Poker Coach.





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